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 -Photographer & Adventurer -

  My name is Nick Pavlakis, I'm a 31 year old photographer and adventurer currently residing in San Luis Obispo, CA or SLO (as we locals call it), I am so lucky to call this place home, I absolutely love it here. I grew up in the bay area so I am a californian through and through. I made the move to SLO back in 2011, I knew the central coast was where I wanted to be. With so much beautiful scenery in the area, I discovered I loved doing photography. My passion for photography grew into an obsession, it has led me to start "Nick Pavlakis Photography" which has brought me on so many travels and adventures. I love to backpack and be in nature so my love for landscape photography is my true passion. I love selling my prints and seeing my work blown up! My goal is to start working with companies that allow me to do product shootings in nature and on the adventures that I take. I also will be doing get away weddings. I want to backpack all over the world and I hope my company will allow me to do just that. I WILL TRAVEL ANYWHERE for any concert, wedding or engagement. If I can see a new area and make an adventure out of it, I will absolutely do it! I want to work with everyone I can and constantly challenge myself to better my skills and try new things. I hope that I can share my photography with you, don't hesitate to reach out for prints, booking or any questions you might have. 

"The Greatest Pleasure Is Obtained By Improving" -Ben Hogan

-Nick           805-242-5318.        @nickyp_pics


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