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What To Bring Backpacking, My Gregory Baltoro 65 liter Bag & Everything Inside.

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Welcome! If you're reading this you probably are here for the sake of learning how to backpack and I am super stoked for you to learn! I started backpacking in 5th grade, I went on my very first backpacking trip to Yosemite National Park, a memory I will never forget. Learning to live in nature is a wonderful skill that will spark creativity and calmness to your life, I promise. In this article I'll show you what you need for backpacking and my review of the Gregory Baltoro 65 liter bag which is my personal bag I use and I love.

Gregory Baltoro 65

What size bag??

65 liter is the perfect number to start, It's large enough to fit the basics and a little more. I am a photographer so I have some extra gear including my camera, tri-pod (if I bring it), and 3 lenses. Thankfully this bag has plenty of room and I can fit everything I need into this bag. I honestly wouldn't mind the 75 liter but I wanted to go as small as I could. The 65 liter is the reccomended size for multi-day trips and you will be happy to have it, trust me!



At the top, the bag has a 2 pocket detachable hood. I like to put easily accessible things in here.

Left to Right

1. nunn hydrater -

I always like to have electrolytes because it really helps on the long days of hiking. Also, I get bored of plain water at times.

2. Head Lamp -

CRUCIAL!!! always always have a light source, head lamps tend to be light, small and the best.

3. Compass -

I honestly dont use this much, most phones will be able to pick up a general location with maps but if youre deep in the woods and lost and phones dead you may want this.

4. Notepad -

It's nice to write stuff down, thoughts or maybe a check list. Also good to have before leaving for a trip so you can write the date, name and length of trip and leave it in your car just in-case something happens.

4. Sunscreen -

If its a warm trip you will want some coverage. I like Obagi tint, a little goes a long way.

5. Pen

Top to bottom

1. Wipes / TP -

You will need these when nature calls.

2. Trowel -

Pretty much a poop shovel. Dig a hole with this then do your business

Main Compartment

This is pretty big and will be used for the bulk of supplies. What is unique about the Gregory bag is how it opens up from the top and side. in the 3rd photo see how you can open it from the front? Pretty nifty trick to get in the bag and it helps for organizing.

1. Tights / leggings -

Trust me, you will want these at night! Helps with warmth

2. Beanie -

Keep that noggin warm!

3. Fleece Jacket ( mine is "Campshire" The North Face)

Fleece is usually light and warm. There are all sorts of warm jackets and some nano technology for light weight warm jackets. I will say mine is not light and its not small, I dont exactly recommend it BUT holy balls is this thing warm! It's like wearing a fluffy kitty, like the fluffiest warmest kitty. Its an amazing jacket just bulky so not ideal for a lot of people.

4. Tent -

My tent is a bivy, its a small 1 person tent. weighs like 2 pounds, its super small and easy to pack. Look for a 3 or 4 season and try to keep it under 3 or 4 pounds. Mine is the winterial bivy. I am super surprised how well this thing works! My buddy had a big agnes tent in The Tetons in Wyoming and his tent collapsed while mine was perfectly fine lol It's a cheaper tent but this thing is solid. did rip but it has a 1 year warranty and they sent me a new one.

5. Merino Wool Socks -

These are thick, moisture wicking and give comfort. It's good for warm and cold weather and I really like this 6 pack I found on amazon called "Sumona"

6. Neemo Filo inflatable pillow.

By the photo its hard to tell but this is a nifty little pillow. It packs into itself so its compact. Has a layer or memory foam so its not just inflatable. Pretty comfy but I wish it was a little larger, takes some getting used to.

7. Fleece Leggings -

This is another absolute for me, warm and amazing. Also insanely comfy for lounging after hiking. I have The North Face Fleece pants.

8. Gloves -

This is another thing you might over look. When its cold your hands and feet are the furthest from your heart and they get cold. Gloves are super crucial for the colder months and even summer. These are snow gloves because my last few trips involved snow so these where warm and helped me out a lot

9. Sea To Summit Bag -

Depending on where you are, I use this for food. In a lot of national forests in California its bear territory so you will need to use a bear canister. Any other place not involving bears this is a perfect container for food. Its water proof and extremely light and durable.

10. Thermal -

I like having 1 larger jacket and one lighter weight. That way if its not super cold you can get away with this. Also nice for early starts on hikes when its cold but you dont want to wear a full sized jacket.

11. Sea To Summit #2 and 2 Altura camera lens cases (strictly for my lenses and camera)

I use another sea to summit bag for my camera and lenses to protect from water and dirt. Also the lightest option to holding camera gear. I have not figured out the best way to carry camera gear. I shoot 3 primes (fixed lenses that dont zoom) so I have to carry them. I put them in the cover then in the bag and it works well.

12. Jetboil Minnimo (portable stove)

This is one of the best things I've purchased, its made of all carbon so it boils water in like 30 seconds. A stove of some sort is used for boiling water for dehydrated food (which is the best way to eat meals). Also tea, coffee or hot chocolate is always nice on the trail!

Bladder holder -

This is where you put your water supply. It comes in and out of the bag and guess what? it turns into a fricken day pack with straps. the only issue I have with this is that the front pocket is really small. You can throw food and other stuff in the main pocket.

Side Pockets

Left to right

1. Medical Kit -

Trust me, when shit goes down you will want this. I have never had to use one until recently and ill tell you what, when you need it, you NEED it! Please have at least one among your group. I smashed my head with my camera recently in the Sequoias and I am beyond lucky I had this.

2. Blow up pad - (big agnes Q core)

Trust me, the ground is not fun to lay on. Get a nice blow up mattress. some people carry foam pads as well but I like the blow up ones. This one is pretty narrow but really comfy.

3. Water Purifer (Katadyn Hiker pro)

This is a carbon filter pump. I like the pumps, they are durable and the fastest way to get fresh water in large quantity. I will say, sometimes pumping is kinda hard but worth it.

Bottom Pocket

1. Pump Sack (Big Agnes)

This is a game changer, and heres why. This little thing pumps air into your blow up mattress so you dont have to breathe. Dope right?? It works incredibly well and you can use it as a sack to put stuff in once your done. I put my tent and pole case, sleeping bag case, mattress bag in here while I sleep so I have them all together.

2. Sleeping bag ( The North Face Furnace)

Depending on the time of year, get a sleeping bag with a comfy temperature rating. Mine is a 20 degree but I am not super impressed with it, I dont think its a true 20. Anything below 35 this thing can get drafty. It's a decent bag but not as good as they claim. Summer time get a 40-50 degree bag and winter get 20 or lower depending on how cold you are expecting.


Tri-pod -

I use the Benro Slim and I really like it. The bag has slots for ice picks or poles with a notch that secures it so I use it for my tripod.


This bag is legit and I hope this article helps you on how to backpack and what to pack! Best of luck on your adventures!

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